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Planning a short trip to the Forest Model Village near Lydney? The Miniature Forest could be the best destination here. The Forest Model Village was a project initiated by the local people who brought together their own unique ideas and imagination to set up a lovely recreational destination. The local suppliers, sculptors and other professionals have invested their time and effort in maintaining as well as improving this area! The lovely miniatures of local landmarks, constructions and tourist attractions add a charming appeal to the entire place. Kids would love to see a one – foot long building and six-inch high models of local people. The miniature railway track encompassing the vast area adds a very realistic appeal to the setting. Then there are lots of adventure play areas and inflated rides available for kids. Adults can sit and relax at the cafe or get busy arranging the picnic lunch at the open-air eatery with tables and chairs!

The Forest of Dean Model Village is located at The Old Park, between Aylburton and Lydney. The southwest entrance of Forest of Dean and the Wye valley is quite close to this area. Hours during summer are from 10 AM to 6 PM, and during winter from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, before you plan the trip to this amazing destination. Visiting their website (, especially if you don’t want to see the eager kids sulking over a cancelled party!

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